How to enable nginx stub status

How to enable nginx stub status

Edit nginx.conf add in the server { ….. } block/context

For Plesk edit  /etc/nginx/plesk.conf.d/server.conf

Could not open archive dir for / Could not open archive mbox dir

How to fix the errors


If we have a list named the error is

and we have to create 2 dirs

After we create the needed directories we run 2 commands

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Hot link protection

Simple hot link protection using .htaccess

  • Replace your-domain with your actual domain name
  • Replace http://your-domain/hotlinkdenied with a valid url

Ubuntu server no login console

After boot there was no console prompt to login.

The issue was related to the VGA resolution.

To fix Ubuntu server no login console

modify in /etc/default/grub

Of course, you can set resolution to suit your needs by replacing 1024x768x24 to whatever you need.

WordPress – give contributor permission to upload images without plugin.

WordPress contributor role lacks the permission to upload images.
There are a few plugins that can let you change role permissions, but I just needed to allow contributor role to upload images.

One minor change in the theme’s functions file is sufficient to give WordPress contributor role the permission to upload & insert images without plugin:

Get column names from table in MySql > 5

The following query will get column names from table in MySql > 5


  • database_name is your database
  • table_name is your table